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Paris Saint-Germain defeated Metz 2-1

Paris Saint-Germain have scored from the injury, “Hakim has” Mao got two teams unbeaten record Metz 2-1 on the evening of 10 comfortable singles

match Football French Ligue between Metz. 20th place, the bottom team of the table, open field Stade Saint-Simporion, receiving the visit of Paris Saint-Germain, the top team, the

result showed that in the first half, 5 minutes later, PSG got a goal 1-0. From Ashraf Hakimi, in the 39th minute, Metz equalized 1-1 from Kiki Kuyate. Before the first half ended with this score.

There were 10 players left when Dylan Bronn got a second yellow card, turn into a red card and was kicked out of the field.

Then, in the 90+5 minute, PSG lead 2-1 from Ashraf Hakimi, who in this game is the hottest, hitting 2 goals alone,

finishing the game, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Metz. 2-1 continue to lead the crowd