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Agent slams Klopp, Keita on the bench

Naby Keita ‘s agent has blamed Jurgen Klopp after the Liverpool manager dropped the Guinea international midfielder. Only as a backup in the game “Reds” draw with Chelsea 1-1 on Saturday night ago.

Liverpool midfielder Naby Keita’s agent Malik Kebe has criticized Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp on social media. After the Guinea international midfielder. He was just a substitute in Liverpool’s 1-1 draw at home to Chelsea. 

    Keita kicked off the 2021/22 season by starting both of their first two Premier League games, with Liverpool winning 3-0 at Norwich and 2-0 at Burnley. To be held as a substitute in the last game. The “Reds” share points with Chelsea at Anfield without being refer to as a substitute for playing even a minute.

  Keita, Keita’s personal agent, lashed out at the “Reds” boss, believing that the reason Liverpool failed to win was purely because of Klopp’s decision.

    “It’s very difficult for me to understand Klopp, you have to be him and put Naby Keita on the bench now in spite of this form [to say Keita is good form),” Keita’s agent revealed via Twitter.

    “Your top coaches are solely responsible for this draw against Chelsea.” 

The issue of Keita’s agent had surfaced once in May, when Kebe revealed that Klopp was using Keita in the wrong role: “The day Coach Klopp gave Naby Ke Ita plays a role that she likes. You can see what he can do for Liverpool.”

    “He’s a playmaker. It’s not the garbage collectors (referred to as the game cutter role).”