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Van de Beek, Manchester United

Van de Beek wants Manchester United stay. Although he used to be the main character of Ajax Amsterdam. It also did a great job until Manchester United paid up to 40 million pounds. But Donny van de Beek was still unable to squeeze up. The main character of Manchester United, and most of them sit as a substitute, more patient because they rarely get a chance to play ufabet. Even as a substitute, and there are rumors. That Donny van de Bee C is starting to be unhappy at Old Trafford anymore.

Of course, the news of him Beek’s transfer came out immediately and it was Barcelona who were very interested in Donny van de Beek despite financial problems. But Barcelona have plans to let more players leave the team and should have enough money to bring Donny van de Beek to join the team, of course, which Manchester United has not shown anything. Came out because I wanted to see what kind of decision Donny van de Beek would make.

And the latest is Donny van de Beek, who has confirmed that he will definitely not move to Barcelona because he wants to prove himself to Manchester and hopes to return to the main character of the team in the Premier League. England’s 2021/22 season is coming and the future of Paul Pogba at Manchester United is still uncertain, giving Donny van de Beek a chance to start playing for Manchester . More United, although there are still many contenders in midfield.