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Lewandowski wins the German League Player of the Year award

Robert Lewandowski has just won the German Footballer of the Year award for the 2019/20 season. His outstanding performance against Bayern Munich. And has also swept away all trophies. Plus, Robert Lewandowski had a chance to win the first Ballon d’Or, but due to the devastating COVID-19 situation. The Ballon d’Or announcement had to be canceled in order to To prevent the spread of COVID-19. Robert Lewandowski miss the first Ballon d’Or award, unfortunately.

Continuing into the 2020/21 season. Robert Lewandowski continues to maintain good after defeating opponents to win the Bundesliga’s top scorer award. And break the record for most goals scored. Gerd Müller’s one season was complete after a 49-year record and led Bayern Munich to a ninth straight Bundesliga title. Successful, Robert Lewandowski was immediately hail as the number 1 favorite to win the German League Player of the Year award.

And it was Robert Lewandowski who managed to win the German Footballer of the Year award with 315 votes more than second place Thomas Muller and third place Uh. Ring Braut Haaland received 318 votes after scoring 41 goals in 29 appearances in the Bundesliga. While Thomas Tuchel was crowned German manager of the year. After leading Chelsea to the UEFA Champions League