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Brother Suea grabbed Grafenberg, waiting for confirmation

Fabricio Romano reports that Bayern Munich have signed Ryan Grafenberg, with only one signing remaining. and confirmed by the club

The 20-year-old Netherlands midfielder has been link with the Southern Tigers continuously. Recently, media both in Germany and across Europe have reveal. That the Bundesliga clubs are close to securing the Ajax midfielder.

Romano reported on Wednesday that Grafenberg had become an unofficial new player for Bayern. With only the process of signing a contract and announcing the media from the ufabet club only.

The Netherlands international’s contract runs until mid 2027. At which point Ajax will be value at around €25 million plus future bonuses and share terms agree upon by the two clubs.

It is the second player from Ajax to move to Bayern. After previously the Southern Tigers acquired the Moroccan defensive lineman Nussair Masraoui to join the team.