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“Bonucci” volunteered to convince “Chiellini” to go to the World Cup

Italy, the Euro 2020 champions, who beat England 3-2 on penalties after a draw, return to Rome, with Roberto Mancini, along with players and coaching staff, to meet President Sergio Mattarella at the palace. Giorgio Chiellini, the captain of the ufabet team, was a thank you. Ready to dedicate this championship to Italian fans. Including Davide Astori, a former Italian defender. Who died three years ago at the age of 31.

Meanwhile, Azzurri defender Leonardo Bonucci has offer to convince Chiellini to continue with the national team for another major tournament next year. That is the 2022 World Cup in Qatar amid speculation that Chiellini might retire at the end of the year. And has the right to not go to the World Cup. But Bonucci insists he will take advantage of the vacation together, persuading Chiellini to go to Qatar.