Bring Glamour Back In To The Bedroom

Latest research from MINTEL, suggests that style and glamour are returning to the bedroom. Only one in three adults claim that nightwear comfort and fit is more important than style and just a tiny seven per cent of respondents said that ?price is more important to me than fashion and style when buying nightwear.?

What this research clearly shows is that at long last nightwear is getting the exposure it deserves. For too long nightwear has been viewed as a necessary evil rather than a luxury item, meaning ladies will wait until their old nightdress wears out before buying a new one ? unheard of with most clothing items! Considering we spend a third of our lives in bed it?s about time that we see nightclothes as a desirable treat and start buying special nightwear for ourselves.

According to luxury nightwear manufacturers, like David Nieper, there is a growing trend towards more glamorous nightwear in silk and satin, velvet and velour as well as traditional cotton or comfy cotton jersey, which mirrors the current trend for sexier styles of women’s lingerie. In addition, more and more customers are ordering matching wraps, peignoirs and house gowns which hark back to the feminine styling of the 1920s, 30s and 40s and really bring a little elegance and glamour in to the bedroom. I grew up alongside some of the all-time movie icons and am hoping this trend towards classic movie glamour will continue for the foreseeable future.

Whilst sales of negligees are up, the pyjama remains a firm favourite, with 36 per cent of British women wearing them in bed. However, it?s not the British winter nowadays that has us slipping in to them last thing at night, nor even the fact that they are practical and comfy to wear, but are now available in silk and satin so look good too.

It appears that women today want to feel comfortable and look seductive and today?s gorgeous fabrics and styles compromise on neither. As with all things it pays to be discerning and although the high street is getting better with its range of nightwear, it still tends to play second fiddle to lingerie departments.

Whether you prefer the softest pure cotton next to your skin or like the cool, slinky feel of silk, there are now a number or nightwear ranges that will make you feel and look like a million dollars, all available online.  is a good starting point. This family owned firm hand-make nearly everything to order, on site. Attention to detail is exquisite and every single item is hand checked, folded up in tissue paper and wrapped just for you. They even slip in a little card signed by the lady who made it for you.

Every style is cut to feel wonderfully comfortable but looks beautifully stylish too. And if you have a special requirement, for example you need longer sleeves or a shorter hem, for just ?15 this little gem of a company will do it for you. Unlike garments made in the Far East, when you buy a David Nieper designer nightdress you know it will last for ages ? but that?s no reason not to treat yourself to another one soon though!