• Let me tell you, my first ochem exam that I got back that said 33 on it was STARTLING. No, only a few schools do that (like Barry and CSPM).
  • If you want lots of options, with the scholarship you're probably best off going IM and then you can apply for fellowship after your obligation. What do you mean the numbers are misleading.
  • Well programs need to know what they are getting into before they except you right.
  • You can email me at ayala_jenny@hotmail. And the idea that altruistic NYIT plans to help solve the delta PCP shortage by opening a private branch campus and charging over k for tuition.
  • If you can learn how to manage vents in ICU that would be a plus( I don't do vents) but I don't work where they have ICU generally.
  • Now I want to repeat this class at another school but the lab and lecture are 2 separate course. All that ended with one statement: if you buy the package for 0, you get access to all of our 10 tests numbered GS-1 to GS-10!
  • The transcripts are just to verify what you entered is correct! If they cap 50% of that, they're giving you a discount of 5.
  • However, anything from a wheelchair on up usually requires paperwork.

The determination is ultimately a medical one rather than a legal one. According to my brief google search, they can in PA (a special permit). I seriously doubt the cash-only pill mill sleaze balls are filling out surveys declaring their illegally obtained, under the table cash that they're probably not declaring taxes on either.

Congrats to all that got accepted to CHM!

I m also a pakistani (bummer) but born and raised in k. )I am looking for a female roommate and was wondering if anyone is interested in that. CT A/P followed by percutaneous drain if sub-hepatic fluid collection found.

It takes time and treasure to try to make up for poor grades, and once that letter is set, it will be there for all to see. Also, the MPH is on a highpass/pass/nopass, etc. Well, it is rather frustrating that people are getting interview invites when my secondary hasn't arrived yet (even though my AMCAS app was in the first wave). I've signed up for a retake MCAT (6 PS score, ouch) but went ahead and sent my app in this week with one school that I have no interest in attending. Not so much. Where is this calendar and how do I get it. It was simply inappropriate for most professional settings. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. When we send the GRE scores is it better to send them all or just your best score. Post by: LetItSnow, Sunday at 3:13 PM in forum: Pre-VeterinaryHence, it should not be an area the podiatrists operate. The article is about Recreational MJ in ColoradoYou also fail to note how many schools you applied during your application periods. If I feel like I'm ready 100% I will retake it on time so that my score will be released before the ranking.

AcronymA, I think that retaking it for 0 will be my mindset. Hi PC, thanks again for all your help.

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  1. I only get 10 days off during that rotation in FY2, will it be enough. Also remember to take weapons away from *everyone*-- nothing like a disgruntled C4 student taking out your command wby runing thorugh the tent with an M-16.
  2. Has anyone gotten really sick while in med school or know someone who has. If not, what can I do between now and December to strengthen my application.
  3. I've been borrowing a friend's 2007 set of EK books/ Audio Osmosis as they came highly recommended from her.
  4. I'm new here so I apologize if I am not posting this in the correct forum.
  5. This doesn't have anything to do with the UTH program, but it's always funny to read all these people insult Houston who've probably never even been for a long period of time... University of Limerick Interview - Can anyone share their experience.
  6. I am wondering how much or how little the masters degree will help me in applying to more competitive schools despite my lower undergrad gpa. In trying to justify your time spent in a residency or fellowship all that you do is alienate the gatekeepers.
  7. Can anyone provide me information on fellowship training in singapore. Not sure if it matters at all, but my undergrad school was top 5 in the country.
  8. People say that love is an emotion and you either feel it or not. I think you can ask them this; it seems like a very fair question and may be an error on their part.
  9. I kept re-reading the email to make sure it was real. It just seems odd that the/one of the biggest named school in podiatry ended up with such a bad situation.
  10. Also, is anyone here going to be commuting from Queens.
  11. In California (not sure elsewhere) we are regulated and required to provide the spectacle and contact lens Rx to patients in order to provide freedom of choice in purchasing of eyewear.
  12. This was the only program that truly had that as part of the curriculum. All it can do is speed up their decision for you.
  13. For instance, what I said above about no double breasted or french cuffs.
  14. No, but apparently it means that we have to commit to WSU on the May 15th deadline without knowing whether they are going to give us any grants or scholarships.
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  1. I appologize for misleading anyone out there if I did. (a parallel can be drawn to tamponade where even 50 mL is enough to precipitate it vs.
  2. I suggest that we, the members on this thread be more cordial, rather than pecking at each otherSo far everyone who is looking for jobs has told me that there are tons of jobs out there for both fellowship and non fellowship trained residents. But I also heard there are provinces that are opening up to CSAs within the next couple of years.
  3. So I only needed to practice on timing and not making errors. A few years ago when I applied I would have sold my soul for just one acceptance.
  4. I read something about Inactive Ready Reserve but would like more information on this.
  5. All insurance except your personal health insurance should get included in your aid package.
  6. Most grad students have to practice speaking their technical speeches somewhere and I did it at two conferences which is very typical for academia. Specialization in one of the following areas; Cytopathology, GYN, ENT, GI and/ or GU is preferred; specifically an experienced mid-career and one JR level of experienced pathologist, but all candidates are welcome to apply?
  7. So thats over ,000 to get nailed with as one big tax expense.
  8. Post by: pink/floyd, Sep 22, 2014 in forum: Osteopathic School-Specific DiscussionsI used to be a vet assistant before becoming a vet; in one week I got all the job training I ever needed on site.
  9. I wish you luck in finding a way back to health. I think technically this is right if 29 graduated total?
  10. If things go poorly, you will be left with at best an awkward professional relationship, and at worst there may be some truly bad fallout.
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Asking from an International Medical Graduate point of view. Because twinning is a USUHS student it would not be possible to complete the ADSO as a GMO, right. The NYT did a nearly identical story on Friday about this. Turns out he had all kinds of medical issues, so I would think if you are in decent shape and it sounds like you are, you won't have much trouble. My thoughts are that you've done all you can do to "remedy" the slightly below-average (relative to other doctoral program applicants) undergrad GPA; after all, you can't do much better than a 4. Especially because it does not accept many international students. I strongly disagree that you could ask someone to "scrap" something because you disagree with them. In fact they would almost certainly advise the PD to NOT write a vague or even neutral LOR because it could be used in the presumed forthcoming lawsuit to prove you were in fact terminated without cause and entitled to significant damages. I've also decided to buy my friend's old MacBook Pro instead of replacing my busted Sony with a brand new PC or Mac. Yttrium-90 Radioembolization as a Bridge to Liver Transplantation: A Single-Institution ExperienceWhile I know a little about Sackler, I obviously know a lot about BGU and I want to make some comments about my school and a bit about what I know about Sackler. It was one of the specialties that completely filled there spots along with ENT, Neurosurgery, Thoracic Surgery, and Plastic surgery. In the early 20th century there were multiple not-for profit schools and multiple for profit schools. Now they are saying that the ENT took a selfie with Joan while she was under anesthesia. I am not sure what universities look at when accepting international students, but one thing they need is a transcript from your secondary school/institution. Crnas will do what nps did in oregon. (This is why I always tell people on here not to worry much about those first two dates because the vast majority of you won't hear anything until February.

Lame as it sounds, I know how you feel. I know ppl say that, but it's kind of true. I would say that the majority of interviews are laid back but if you interview at some high powered places, they can be a little more intense...

Podiatry is within the division of orthopedics in the department of surgery.

I kept re-reading the email to make sure it was real. Dedicated1989, Promethean, MrLogan13 and 1 other person like this. Not surprising that this bias exists since the founder of SDN is a DO?

It's gettıng kında late, see you ın class.

Yes, I am of incredibly limited means and now make just slightly too much money to get FAP but still not enough to really put a full few thousands of dollars effort wise in.

Was the fair hearing held per the rules the program has defined. Private insurances may pay higher rates at the hospital than MDC/MC, but (at least in my state), it's not the windfall provided by the HOPD facility rates.

I know ppl say that, but it's kind of true.

Expect your NET income to be in six digit figures. Imo pre-pods should be very wary of any school that doesn't publish their first-time and total pass rates somewhere prominently on the school's website. Match into categorical general surgery program for 5 years. A friend of mine who interviewed in late March two application cycles ago got an acceptance call from USF on May 15th. Shocked that I never received it but going on probably the 28th due to ticket prices. Also you are 25 now so how old were you when you graduated. I know that my school alone increased tuition by nearly 70% in the 5-years since I graduated. Their didactic system is one of the things they do right, since it maximizes the experience in face of all the logistical problems. Is there a backhanded compliment in the letters. When did your holistic review started and completed. Will it also bring the funding required if you are going for an unfunded spot.

The other count was dismissed after experts said the patient died of a PE.

It says to list all convictions except for parking violations.

I know that my downward trend looks really bad which is the main reason I'm considering retaking. That is missing in pathology, and is something that will not come to pass any time soon. The histo professors are great, the labs were awesome, and they have one of the best histo classes in the country. However, many people do not get yearly exams and many do not seek out optometrists when they need eye care? I'm reading a lecture on the ear today for neuroscience class, and I noticed that the tensor tympani is connected to the eardrum. My thoughts are that you've done all you can do to "remedy" the slightly below-average (relative to other doctoral program applicants) undergrad GPA; after all, you can't do much better than a 4.

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